What is Conserve?
Sprinkl’s Conserve product adds advanced conservation settings, scheduling, and basic smart phone controls to an existing irrigation controller.

How does Conserve work?
Sprinkl Conserve is known as an “interrupter,” it works by interrupting the watering state of an irrigation controller by either acting as a rain sensor (connected through the rain sensor terminals) or by interrupting the common wire.

Can I run my sprinkler zones using Conserve?
No. Conserve is only capable of controlling when an irrigation system is allowed to water. Individual zone control is still determined by the irrigation controller. There is one caveat, a zone CAN BE turned off or on if watering is enabled or disabled by Conserve while the zone is running. For example if a zone is manually ran while Conserve is allowing watering, then you can stop the zone during the manual runtime by disabling watering within the Sprinkl app. Setting watering back to allowed within the app will continue running the zone until the run time is complete.

Does Conserve work in countries besides the United States?
Currently Conserve only works within the United States.

How can I control my schedule?
Conserve has the ability to override your irrigation system’s schedule. Set your irrigation controller to run weekly, every day at the desired times (zone times are configured within the existing controller). Once your irrigation controller is set to run daily at your desired time/intervals, enable scheduling within the Sprinkl app. Once enabled you will be able to select the frequency and days of the week to run using your smart phone. Schedules can then be controlled remotely from anywhere.

Where can I download the Sprinkl Conserve app?
The Conserve app is available on both the AppStore and Google Play Store.

Are there plans for a Windows Phone version of the Sprinkl Conserve app?
We are constantly evaluating ways to expand our reach to additional platforms. While a specific Windows phone application may not be available for some time, a web portal is in the works that will allow users to control their systems from anywhere with a web browser.

My irrigation controller is already an ET controller, what benefit does Conserve offer?
While newer ET controllers are beneficial when compared to legacy systems, most of them are “disconnected” and the ability to remotely control or configure the units from anywhere in the world. Conserve adds the ability to remotely configure the day schedule, change conservation settings, and turn off watering whether your nearby the unit or not. Since Conserve only alters the system watering state, additional ET features can be used in conjunction.